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DIY Double Take

DIY Double Take

You have to give it to the Chinese when it comes to ingenuity. A chef from the Sichuan Province by the name of  Qu Zhibo recently completed his own Hummer/Jeep bastardchild, all on a budget of 4000 Yuan (the equivalent of about $700US).  Oh it’s the real deal alright, as evidenced by the legendary and unmistakable seven slot grille.  (Okay, it’s eight, but we forgive him.  Some things are just lost in translation.  Easy mistake.)

If you saw it from a distance (say, like, the moon), you might notice that it bears some resemblance to the type of Hummer or Jeep used in American military field operations.  According to Qu, this was no accident.  ”I am a military fan, so my design is inspired by armored command vehicles,” he stated to a local newspaper.  As for craftsmanship, everything from the hood to the seats to the bodywork is completely handmade by Qu himself.  Only a few items were required for direct sourcing: the steering wheel, tires, fuel tank, and engine.  In keeping with his “Ready for Vern Troyer’s Armageddon” theme, Qu plans to give it a full camouflage paintjob.

Maybe that’ll help it stay under the radar of customs and the state DMV.  Yeah, you heard me right.  You’d better believe that I’m placing a order for the next one.  It’s like one of those little Pocket Rocket motorcycles, only with a drop top and sweet little mud tires.  Put me on the list for an ExPo white one, Chef!

Technical Specifications: two-stroke gasoline engine, rear wheel drive, and a top speed 30 kph.  Yep, that’s pretty much it.

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Source:  InventorSpot


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