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Another Reason to Drive

Ever wondered what it takes to get ejected from a flight these days?  Well, for the record, it’s not just a crying baby or terrorism.  Apparently if you’re not completely submissive to the will of bullish flight attendants, you may just find yourself watching your plane lift off from the cold comfort of the ticket counter.

One such case earlier this week involved three women who were removed from a flight from West Palm Beach, FL, to White Plains, NY, on the premise that they were being too critical of the service.  When the first lady highlighted the fragile nature of her luggage contents and requested the attendant be more careful, she was invited to take care of it herself.  Someplace other than here.  Buh-bye.  The second passenger, to the same attendant, complained of a broken seat and requested a new one.  Sure, no problem.  There are lots of functional seats back in the terminal.  Buhhhh-bye.  Finally, number three had the gall to actually highlight the unreasonable responses and demand the attendant be more kind.  And where’d you think that was going to get you, ma’am?

Yep, a first class ticket to Buh and Bye.

Add this to long lines, brutal delays, and cramped cabins, and I think I’ll just stick to my truck, thanks.

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Source: Gothamist, 07 December 2011

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