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Valentine’s Day Camping? Try Fancy Foods in Jars

If you think you’re going to take Scott’s advice and head into the great outdoors with your lovely counterpart this Valentine’s Day weekend, then make sure you’re cued-in to the little things that help make the experience more special.  And as we all know, the right foods presented in the right ways can really set the tone.  The dilemma?  The terms  ”backcountry” and “romantic meal” rarely go hand-in-hand.

Let us help you overcome this challenge.

Try whipping up a few of these brilliantly-presented recipes while you’re still at the house, then drop them into your 12V fridge or cooler before you head out the door.  Then, when the time’s right for that annual darling’s dinner, you can rest assured in the knowledge that every last morsel will be dressed to impressed.

One more thing we love about this?  When it’s time to clean up, simply seal the lids and toss the jars back into the fridge or cooler.  They’ll be fine waiting for the dishwasher back home.  Put the time you just saved into enjoying a warm fire and and your favorite bottle of wine.

Foods in a jar seem to be quite popular these days. From cupcakes in a jar to salads in a jar, the presentation is cute and it’s easily portable. You can easily layer everything the night before for picnics or parties the next day. Have you tried making food in a jar?

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