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Moving With a Purpose

I’m going to file this under “travel,” although I know to some of you that might be a stretch.  Nonetheless, I just had to add it.  Maybe it’s the fact that this young man is soaking up the sights, sounds, and smells of the Appalachian spine, or maybe it’s the separation from his wife and child that’s driving him, or maybe–just like in his previous career–it’s because he’s doing good work for a cause greater than himself.

Whatever motivates him, it deserves our attention.

When US Army Ranger Cory Smith chose to hang up his uniform and return to his home in Indianapolis, he wanted to carry a legacy with him.  With the thoughts of fellow veterans in his head and heart, he departed the ranks of the the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, at Fort Benning, Georgia, afoot, and throughout the month of January covered more than 500 miles en route to his awaiting family.  (An unfortunate stress fracture placed him a bicycle for a period of time at the order of a doctor.)  His punishing, yet inspiring journey has garnered him the attention of mass media, legions of Facebook followers, and even President Obama.

So why do we at CO value this sort of travelogue?

Travel, and our purpose for it, can be embodied within many modes.  Some choose a truck or RV, some choose a plane or a bus, and some, like Ranger Smith, choose to power themselves.  The lesson for me in a travel story like this, is that it reminds me to let go from the power I have as a driver, and to instead become powered by the act of traveling itself–to allow the forward movement to guide me, like the momentum of a stride; to shape me, like the changing physique of an athlete; and to be the purpose for the event, like when serving something greater than myself… Each and every time I hit the road.

If you haven’t heard of GallantFew yet, I encourage you to learn more now.

Thanks for being an inspiration, Cory.

Run, Ranger, Run

RLTW, 1-06, 081

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